My 2019 Update:

It’s been a while right? Yeah, I’ve been contemplating coming back or not coming back to this rat-race and some days my instinct told me to delete the site and move on with my life and then there were those days when I could not wait to share what I just finished reading or a new article I came across. Once a writer always a writer, even if you’re not writing right?

So, the part of me who cannot stop reading or writing won the battle. I’m back! I never stopped reading but holding a full time job, a new house and life in general made it difficult to keep up the pace of reading, posting and handling all the other stuff that comes along with having a book review and writing site. I still have a job and a house and sometimes a busy life but like anything else what you focus on grows and now is the time to shift the focus to my books and my writing.

What will you see here:
-New book lists
-Thoughts on good books and articles
-Thoughts on writing

What you will not see here:
-Negative reviews (If I don’t like it I won’t write about it)
-Author or publication bashing

So, let’s do this!

Hi! I’m Ana.  As a young kid growing up in a household full of books and a father who believed that reading and dreaming would be the door to the future.  I would think nothing of sitting on the floor, in the library (a small hallway at the front of the little apartment) and read.  The kids books were on the lower shelves and up above laid a wold I could not wait to get my hands on.

Eventually I read everything on the bottom shelves and was granted permission to move to the upper shelving.  I was right! There was so much to be discovered.  My father, like me, had many passions; politics, photography, music, film and I couldn’t’ wait to be just like him and sit in the cafe discussion very important issues.  I knew, however, that before I could do that I would have to be able to hold my own.  He was a loving and caring man but he would not let you win an argument just for the sake of it.  You had to have a compelling argument if you were going to win….. Reading “his” books was how I chose to arm myself.  My father, without knowing cultivated my passion for reading.

Our discussions revolved around the latest book published, the latest political occurrence, the latest anything.  There were also classics.  Portuguese classics.  I quickly ran through the entire collection of Eca De Queirós.  I still remember the day I climbed up on my little step stool, which sat by the shelves to help me reach the top shelve, and pulled out the last book of the collection. I still get that feeling every time I read a difficult author.

Today, I don’t really have book discussions anymore.  My father is no longer here and there is a busyness around me which takes away from being able to sit, enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and discuss the latest book or a new found author.  This makes me sad.  Books are a lifeline to many of us.  When the world gets to be too much as it often does, a book can give you perspective.  When the world makes you sad, a book can help you see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Losing myself in a book is my way of shutting out the world and finding inner peace.

This blog is my way of sharing what I read with you the same way I shared my reading with my father.

Thank you for being here, for participating and for allowing me a little bit of peace.