A New Direction

If a book blogger reads but doesn’t post about it, is that book blogger really reading? Is that book blogger a real blogger? The past few months I have been really struggling with the direction of the blog and the reason why I started the blog. I’ve been reading, quite a bit actually but have not felt like I wanted to be criticized for my thoughts of the book.

I really enjoy reading for pleasure and when I started the blog all I wanted was to share my honest thoughts about my experience. However, blogging about books quickly became a stress. Am I reading the right books? Am I reading enough books? When browsing for books I became very critical about the books I was picking up. It stopped being about picking up a book because it looked like something I wanted to read and instead became about the review. Additionally, writing about my enjoyment of the book became less about my thoughts about the book and more of what was expected from a good “book review.” I became a lot more conscious about reading critically which took away from enjoying the reading. In short, it stopped being fun and became a job.

The past few months I’ve enjoyed reading for the sheer enjoyment of reading. I have not thought about posting a review and I’ve regained the momentum which got me on the road to posting about my love of books. I’ve read mostly non-fiction and self improvement books. Not because I prefer that genre to another or because of Non-Fiction November, but because that’s what I wanted to read.

I’ve given the blog a lot of thought the past few months, too. I want to continue sharing my love of books and my love of stories but I will not, or at least I will try, not to fall prey to the pitfalls of the past. The blog will focus mostly on books but I will also be posting about other things when there are no books to talk about about. After all, this is my blog and I will make it what I want. No guilt and no pressure!

Ok. I’m done with my soap box…. how about a little list of of the books I’ve been reading?


The Happiness Project

Getting Things Done

Find Your Why

Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook

Books I want to read in August


As I have mentioned on more than one occasion I am not the fastest reader in the world.  So, while most book bloggers are creating TBR lists for the next week or even for this month.  I’m sitting here trying to figure out how I’m going to read the books I have on my table to read in July so that hopefully I can get new ones in August.

Book Riot just published the new releases for July so I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I want any of them but…. in my case in August.

What We Lose by Zinzi Clemons (Publising date July 11, 2017)


The cover is beautiful.  I have never read anything by this author but I’m always willing to discover new authors.  For what I was able to understand from the blurb in the Book Riot blog the book is about a woman trying to deal with the death of her mother.  I think this will be a nice, read dealing with something I know a lot about.

The Witches of New York By Ami McKay ( Publishing date July 11, 2017)


Another author I don’t know much about…. actually anything about.  I was intrigued by the fact that it appears to take place in New York and since witches are always strong female characters…. I’m game.  Another one for the August TBR.

The Breakdown by B. A. Paris (Publishing Date July 18, 2017)


Another author I’ve never heard of — I really have to stop reading all classics and move on to the 21st century — This is a thriller about a woman who on the way home from a party notices a car on the side of the road with a woman inside.  She wants to get home so she doesn’t stop.  The next morning she learns that the woman in the car has died.  The blurb reminds a bit of The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware, which I read last year and enjoyed so I’m thinking I will enjoy this one as well.  We will see.

Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo (Published date August 22, 2017)


So this may be a September read, but I have to put it not he list now, just in case.  I saw the review on Savige Reads blog and watched his review on You Tube and I’m sold on it.  This book was short listed for the Bailey’s Prize.  In my opinion, it actually sounds better than the winner, The Power, which I will also add to the list at some point.  The story takes place in Nigeria between a couple, husband and wife, the husband’s family and the village.  It sounds like a story about culture, love, marriage, family and disappointment and most of all a story about how people deal with all of the above.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

In Addition and outside of the new releases from The Book Riot:  I am expecting my book of the month from my Book of the Month Club The Windfall by Diksha Basu.  The story of a family in India who win a lot of money and move from their poor village to where the rich folk live….. sounds interesting.  I can’t wait to read this one as I think it will be the perfect Summer read.  Expect a review on this one.


I will keep you all posted as to which ones I am actually able to read.

Until then…. Happy reading